Luxury Products for Men

KARV crafts works of art out of everyday objects through our bespoke hand-sculpted, luxury men’s accessories.

Luxury Pieces That Last

We are the shopping destination for gentlemen looking for luxury products that are truly bespoke and elegant. We are a luxury specialty retailer renowned for offering only the finest custom wooden products, accessories, and pieces for the wardrobe and the home. Our signature sense of style and elegance are manifested through our products, each of which is painstakingly hand-crafted to ensure it is flawlessly unique.

Created for the true gentleman, the KARV men’s luxury accessories are effortlessly stylish. Our exclusive line of products includes wooden valets, cufflinks, bookends, and more — all made to order and made only by master artisans.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

KARV looks beyond the fleeting styles and fashions of the day, forging a style that has lasted through the years. We keep the “dying breed” of the 20th century gentleman alive with our bespoke luxury men’s accessories that complete your look and wardrobe.

Our legacy is carved in everything we do. It is a dedication to going out of our way, to exceptional design, craft, and quality despite mounting pressure to take the easy way out and commoditize for the sake of better profits. This is the same legacy that we enjoy and protect as children and grandchildren of master artisans.

We still do things the old way despite dwindling demands because that’s how our fathers did it—and because this is what makes us distinct over others. Nobody does things the way we do anymore, which makes our products all the more special. From white glove delivery to bespoke orders, serving you is truly our pleasure.

For men’s luxury accessories that never go out style, choose a brand that has carved a solid reputation for delivering quality and excellence — choose KARV.